I have known Greg Fuller for over 25 years and I believe he is the very epitome of leadership. I followed his leadership in both the U. S. Army Reserves and the Department of Correction and in both instances he demonstrated honesty, integrity and compassion. Fuller was always seen by others as the one leader who was truly firm, fair and most of all consistent. His ability to get groups of individuals to work together towards a common goal was demonstrated when we opened the Department of Correction Sussex Boot Camp in Georgetown, of which I was one of the original staff. Greg Fuller is a man you can trust to do what he says and to do the best job possible every time and that's why I'm asking you to support his candidacy for the 36th State Representative on November 3rd.

Spencer E. Brittingham
Former Cape Henlopen School Board President

Greg Fuller is a kind and loving gentlemen who has walked in integrity in this county for almost thirty years. Anyone who knows Greg knows that he's a man of character and is always willing to help anyone in need. He's a young man who can be trusted with anything and that's why I know he'll make an absolutely great State Representative, so please support Greg for the 36th State Representative on November 3rd.

Ardie Savage
Resident of 36th Representative District

I’m voting for Greg Fuller because he’s a leader who's honest and he’s one of us. Also, because he’s a Veteran and that alone lets me know his character.  That's why I'm asking you to consider Greg Fuller for our 36th Sate Representative on November 3rd.

Joe-Anne Corwin
Resident of 36th Representative District

A few things about Greg Fuller that you may not know: He's one of the most honest individuals I ever met. He has served his country with 21 years of military service in the U. S. Army. He has served his state with over 25 years of state service beginning in the Department of Correction. He has served his county as the Register of Wills and presently is serving with the Ellendale Fire Co. He is now asking for the opportunity to serve YOU in the 36th State Representative District. We believe he will make a fine state representative and are asking  you to support him on November 3rd.

Joe & Joann Conaway

Former Sussex County Administrator

I have known Greg Fuller for a number of years and I have found him to be a very trustworthy and caring man. One thing I will never forget is how he helped my brother Joe Cooper to receive his pension years ago, when he didn't have to do it, but he did, because of the love of God that is in his heart for people. That's why I sincerely believe he would be the best candidate for the 36th State Representative seat, because I'm sure he will always put the people's needs first. So, I'm asking all of you to come out and make this happen on November 3rd.

Sherron Cooper Becton
2nd Vice President
Milford-Slaughterneck NAACP

My name is Loretta Benson and I am a lifelong resident of Sussex County. I have known Greg Fuller for many years; he is a veteran and a Godly man who is always serving in the community.  He loves his faith, family and friends. Greg is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need by giving of his time, talents and resources. He is always willing to stand up for what's right, no matter what. That’s why I'm voting for Greg Fuller, for our 36th State Representative.

Loretta Benson
Director Ellendale Civic Association


 Candidate for

 36th State Representative 

I have known Greg for over ten years and during that time, I have found him to be a good person who reflects the very best of Sussex County values. He is conscientious and did a great job for the people as Sussex County Register of Wills. That's why I know he will make a great representative.

David Baker

Former Sussex County Administrator

My name is Rowland Moore Jr. and I am a 48 year member of the Ellendale Fire Co. Over the past 10 years of knowing Greg Fuller, I have noticed his longing for a better way of life for all of those who are around him. He is a compassionate man and is strong in his beliefs. He sits on the 100th Anniversary Committee here at Ellelndale Fire Co. and is always trying to get us the best deals possible. He also serves as the Co-Chair of the two man parliamentarian team for the Fire Co. and is always committed to the task at hand. Greg has served his country and still serves his God. Therefore, I must back this man to be the next State Representative of the 36th District.

Rowland Moore Jr.
Past President, Chief & 48 year
member Ellendale Volunteer Fire Co.

Greg Fuller is a great family man and has a heart for people. He is always willing to give of his time, talents and treasure to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. He is a hard worker and an outstanding administrator. He is highly educated, highly experienced and highly qualified to serve the people of the 36th District and the people of the State of Delaware. One final thing we really love about Greg is that he always returns your calls and follows up with you on whatever your concern may be and that's why we're asking you to support Greg Fuller being the next 36th State Representative.

Dave & Billie Friedland Residents of 36th District

I want to go on record in my endorsement of candidate, Greg Fuller for the office of State Representative for the 36th District. I have known Greg Fuller for some 20+ years, and during that time I also got to know his wife, Esther as well as sons, Doug and Greg, Jr.  Greg and his family exemplify integrity, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Furthermore, Greg is a veteran of the United States Army, having served for 21 years as well as serving a 25 year stint in youth and adult secure facilities.

            As a public servant, Greg has made himself available to numerous youth, civic, and charitable organizations. I have personally served with Greg as he helped organize reading, mentoring and tutoring groups in the Indian River, Milford and Cape Henlopen School Districts.  His public service also includes the position of the Register of Wills from 2008-2010.  During that time as the Register of Wills, he was helpful with sharing pertinent information as he visited senior centers and civic groups to educate constituents throughout Sussex County. In the year 2010, Greg’s knowledge as the Register of Wills would lend itself greatly as our family worked to finalize the affairs of my late mother-in-law. Greg Fuller is a long time Sussex County resident, who has served our communities well. His quality of leadership, experience, wisdom, and insight makes him the right choice as Representative of the people for the 36th District. Therefore, Nancy and I are proud and enthusiastic as we support Greg Fuller for Representative of the 36th District in the Delaware State Assembly.

Bill & Nancy Collick
Friends & Life Time Residents of Sussex

First, Greg Fuller has a very comprehensive background.  He is highly educated 
and has successfully served in various public service positions that required him 
to solve problems.  Moreover, Greg has a servant's heart.  We know Greg 
has good ethics, as a fellow military veteran.  He is very effective in relating to 
Sussex County youth and our senior citizens.  We can depend on Greg 
to empathize with all our Sussex County citizens.  We gladly support 
Greg Fuller for being the next 36 State Representative and ask you to also.

Doug and Lyn Reid
Residents of the 36th Representative District